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I have just completed an “I HaveWho Has?” game for my class. The students have been studying the state capitals, so I decided to create a fun way for us to practice.

It covers all 50 states. I time my students as they go through all the cards. They are trying to break their record.

These are the first few products I have started my store with. The first set of products is St. Patrick’s Day products. Since I teach fourth and fifth grade students that will loop with me for two years, I have grade level products.

St. Patrick’s Day Math Activities

St. Patrick’s Day Math Activities- 4th and 5th Grade Bundle

Next, I have created an Alliteration Cursive packet. It has four different cursive fonts:
·         Dotted cursive
·         Dotted cursive with arrows
·         Lined cursive
·         Lined cursive with arrows
Finally, I just posted my Cursive Practice with Presidential Quotes. I am really excited about using this with my students. Some of the quotes are great to discuss with students. I love that it creates a book at the end of the year for each of them to take home.

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