About Me

Hi everyone! I am Karen and I have been teaching for 22 years. I am currently teaching a 5th grade GATE class. I have been teaching 5th grade for the last 4 years. I also taught 4th grade the first 7 years at my current site and before that I was a middle school teacher for 13 years.

I have started off teaching second language students and now I am teaching GATE Seminar. My hope is that you will see things on my blog that you will find useful in your own classroom.

Thanks for stopping by and checking it out!



  1. Hi Karen, I believe you have a Liebster Award and I just made a page to link up so more can find you. It's here http://www.kidpeopleclassroom.com/2014/11/find-liebster-bloggers.html You don't need to write a new post to link up. Hope you'll check it out. Kathleen
    Kidpeople Classroom

  2. Hi Karen!! We met at TpT in San Diego this summer & I've really been enjoying your blog!! I've nominated you for the Liebster new blogger award! See my post here:http://triedandtrueteachingtools.blogspot.com/2014/11/thanks-for-liebster-award.html

    1. Oh brother. . .I just read Kathleen's comment above!! I didn't realize you already have the Liebster!! :)

    2. Hi Kathie,

      Thanks for thinking of me! I did get nominated a few weeks back. Hey, I was checking out your blog. I love to scrapbook too! I use to sell Creative Memories - purely to support my habit. Ha Ha! I have to say, you have more completed albums then me. I wish I had more time. Although, I have remodeled my house and made sure I had a craft room - smart huh? Anyway, if you make it down to San Diego or I make it to LA area, we should try to have lunch or something. If not, the next TpT conference for sure!!!